Presidents Message

We, the Meeting Professionals International United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter, focus our energy on making our members successful by building human connections through knowledge, relationships and marketplaces. With over 250 members our chapter community of meeting and events professionals features both planners and a wide range of suppliers as well as faculty and student members.

Globally MPI is the largest association of meeting professionals with over 20,000 members in 86 countries who are part of 71 chapters and clubs. MPI membership is a gateway to a vibrant international community of meeting professionals with an estimated buying power of $22 billion.

MPI membership gives you access, at exclusive member pricing, to chapter led educational events which provide outstanding educational content as well as dedicated networking events. MPI also provides it’s member with free access to high quality market research and business tools, topic specific white papers and research and an exclusive award winning members magazine. The recently completed UK Economic Impact Study is an outstanding example of high quality research that is beneficial to all members as well and the global community.

I strongly believe that MPI membership is a worthwhile investment in professional and personal development for all meeting professionals. Making business connections with other likeminded meeting professionals and jointly participating in educational experiences have played an important role throughout my career. I hope you can join us and make these experiences a key part of your professional and personal development.

Thank you for your consideration,

2223069Miguel Neves
MPI UK & Ireland Chapter President