Continuing Education Credits


MPI UK&I provides generic CE credits for learning activities as an additional membership benefit. MPI offers CE credits on the International level. Chapters are empowered to implement their own CEU programs for chapter programming; however this is not mandatory.

Definition of the CE:
The Continuing Education (CE) is a nationally recognized unit of measure that is used to quantify non-credit continuing education and training activities. It is designed for use where employers, re-licensure agencies (including CMP) and other authorities require a specified number of non-credit study hours for career advancement.

Applying for the CMP exam:
CEUs convert into validated hours that serve as points toward your CMP.   This information is requested when filling out the CMP applications.

How to Calculate CEUs:
One Continuing Education Unit is awarded for each 10 hours of instruction. When calculating the number of CEUs for a course, divide the number of hours by 10. For example, a 3 hour program converts to .3 CEUs. To qualify as a source of CEUs, a course cannot be less than 1 hour in length.
*Note: When a course is at least 50 minutes, it may be counted as a whole hour.  Any course between 30 and 49 minutes must be counted as 30 minutes.  Any course less than 30 minutes cannot be counted.  Social events, the food and beverage portions of the monthly programs, fundraising events and any other activities such as these cannot be credited as CE time.

The link below outlines MPI UK&I events over the past 5 years that qualify as Continuing Education.

MPI Events History_version 5_30 5 14_CE approved events

If you have attended any of the events and wish to gain evidence of attendance, please contact

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