Six steps to becoming a Certified Meeting Professional

This is an overview on the process of becoming a Certified Meeting Professional. We recommend you also review this page on the Convention Industry Council website: About the CMP Program

Note: Steps 1-3 can be done at any time, but 4-6 should be done in this sequence.

  1. Register with the Convention Industry Council (see Online account details)
  2. Collect continuing education (CE) hours by participating in industry specific education sessions. These can be MPI events or other education offered by industry associations as well as educations sessions at trade shows and conferences. Make sure that the sessions come under the 10 CMP-IS Domains as per the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS).
  3. Acquire the CMP prep materials. We recommend purchasing the e-book versions. Also consult the APEX Industry Glossary at no cost online.
  4. Participate in a MPI CMP Boot Camp (optional) – This gives you up to 14 CE hours of the 25 required for the application and offers a fast-track preparation for the examination.
  5. Apply for CMP certification. See the CMP Certification Handbook of more details.
  6. Schedule your CMP exam. Once your application is accepted you can schedule your exam to be taken at a Prometric test centre in London or Manchester. CMP exams are only available during specific exam windows, currently: November 5-14, 2015 | January 21-30, 2016 | May 6-15, 2016. See more details here: Schedule An Exam.

It’s best to work backwards from your intended exam date and apply around six months prior and plan to start your core study process at least three months before the exam.

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